Cursed-Gods are Demons in Revelations of the Mononoke-Hime

All stories start with a demon.

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Perhaps it raged its way East until it found you, and you bear the curse of its touch.

Or maybe you were the one who wounded this god, turned it into one of rage and hate.

Still yet, it could be a passing thing--you meet a stranger whose encountered this wretched thing, and now your fates are linked.

All stories start with a demon, and all demons are the same.

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When a god is scorned and hated...

When a god refuses to die...

When a god is poisoned by sin...

When a god eats the flesh of man...

These were the old ways a demon could be born. But now, with iron balls and explosive mines, the fear and pain the gods feel as they are driven out of their forests hits a crescendo evilly unmatched. Their blood steams and turns viscous and takes on a life of its own. Hot worms burn out of their flesh. Death possesses the ground they touch and a second time must they be killed lest they rage forever.

When creating a demon, roll 5d10 and refer to the Kami-God generators. Then, roll a 6th d10 to determine what it hates.

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HD: 20
AC: As unarmored
SPEED: x4 Human
ATTACK: Demon Worms +10 to hit ranged 300' for 2d6 damage
  • Any creature touching the demon must make a Save vs Magic or become attached to the demon. A third-party is required to find and pull the creature off.
  • Any creature specifically attacked by the demon is cursed if it takes damage.
  • The demon takes the maximum amount of damage possible whenever it suffers damage from any source.
  • For every 5 hit points the demon loses, it gains an additional Demon Worms attack.
  • The first round a demon stands in open sunlight it is paralyzed until its next turn.
  • Any plant life the demon touches dies instantly; any stone the demon touches is broken.
  • The Demon has no Harmony and maximum Ambition. Should it ever gain a single point of Harmony, it will die.

This is what drives the demon to curse the world.
  1. Its clan has been decimated, yet it has survived to bring its brothers back from the dead.
  2. It failed its role, and now wishes to flee its shame.
  3. The Great Forest Spirit denied it healing, and now it seeks to consume it whole.
  4. Humans have poisoned it and the forest and now it will poison them.
  5. Someone has killed it in battle and the hatred for that someone has driven it into curses.
  6. A loved one became a demon and passed its hatred on to this Cursed-God.
  7. Upon devouring humans, it grew to hate itself, and is now a demon.
  8. A large part of the forest has been destroyed; it will destroy the rest, as if to prove a point.
  9. Humans have murdered many clans. The demon hates its own weakness and seeks death.
  10. Feeling wronged by other Kami-Gods, the Cursed-God seeks to prove their foolishness.

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