Dark Sun Conversion for Lamentations or Other Retro-Clones

I'm running some Dark Sun games soon. I'm not well-versed in 2e and didn't want to devote a lot to it, so I figured I'd just run it with Lamentations. This post contains all of my homebrew so far. It should be usable with any retroclone, however.

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Brom art inbound.


  1. Stats are 2d6+6 down the line. Strong stats for the strong of Athas.
  2. Every character starts at level 3, as they did in the original Dark Sun.
  3. Gold for XP is still the rule. However, cannibalizing or devouring creatures counts as treasure. Value is HD x 100 in sp. Oases are also worth 500sp per discovery, as long as it is defended successfully for 1 week.
  4. Choose your class. Classes right now are:
  • Fighter
  • Magic-User (decide either Preserver or Defiler)
  • Halfling (cannibal)
  • Mul (reskinned dwarf)
  • Elf
  • Amazon (from Frostbitten & Mutilated)
  • Disciple (psionicist, found at the bottom of this post)
No Thri-Keen or Half-Giant class. Yet. Not sold on making those atm.

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Once all characters are made, the Referee rolls 1d4. The number rolled determines the starting condition of the party, as seen below:
  1. SLAVES, and either work slaves or gladiators; start with no equipment but masters can equip them with virtually anything
  2. TRIBALS, and either cannibals or hodgepodge groups; start with 1 weapon and 3 days of rations/water, as well as up to 100sp of survival supplies
  3. RECKONERS, these are the pirates of the Silt Sea; start with 2 weapons a piece, no rations or water (gotta pirate some!), and a silt-skimmer for the whole party
  4. KILLERS, in which case you work for either the sorcerer kings or are bards; start with 2 weapons of your choice, a beast of burden, and 100sp of survival supplies


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If you roll a Magic-User, determine if you are either a Defiler or a Preserver. Then reference below how your magic works.

As a Defiler, you drain life to cast magic. You do not have natural spell slots. When you cast a spell, you drain the life out of the surrounding area. Depending on the quality of the environment, you gain a certain number of spell slots. You can Defile a number of times equal to your character level. If you continue to Defile past that, subtract 8 from your hit points. You can only cast spells you have prepared with these spell slots, and they have no numbers attached to them--however, you cannot cast a spell whose level is greater then half of yours (rounded up). Everytime you Defile an area, the next time you Defile it you will receive 2 less spell slots (minimum 0). An area is considered 1 Hex, City, Dungeon, or Oasis location. NPCs and monsters will attack any Defiler they see cast magic. For every level past 5, add +1 slots to the slots gained.
  1. Ash - No spell slots gained.
  2. Barren - 1 spell slot gained.
  3. Drought - 2 spell slots gained.
  4. Fertile - 1d4 spell slots gained.
  5. Lush  - 1d6 spell slots gained.
  6. Oasis - 1d6 + 2 spell slots gained.

As a Preserver, you hold life as sacred and take only what you need. You only have 1 spell slot. When you cast a spell, you draw upon Athas to aid you. Depending on the quality of the environment, you gian a certain number of additional spell slots. You can only cast spells you have prepared with these spell slots, and their level is equal to your own 1 natural spell slot (which is half of your level, rounded up). You can only Preserve an area once per day. An area is considered 1 Hex, City, or Oasis location.
  1. Ash - No spell slots gained.
  2. Barren - No spell slots gained.
  3. Drought  - 1 spell slot gained.
  4. Fertile - 2 spell slots gained.
  5. Lush - 4 spell slots gained.
  6. Oasis  - 6 spell slots gained.



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There is little metal in Athas, and these rules do not apply to metal equipment.

At the end of a combat, your equipment has a 1-in-6 chance of degrading to a lower condition. See the table below for the conditions and their effects. Everytime the condition of your equipment degrades, the chance increases by +1. Spending 8 hours of work raises the condition of your equipment by 1.

  1. Peak Condition - No adverse effects.
  2. Worn - Armor is -1, damage die of weapons decreases to d4. If already d4, decreases to 1+Modifier.
  3. Damaged - Armor is -2, damage die decreases again. If already 1+Modifier, is now just +Modifier.
  4. Broken - Armor provides no benefit; weapon does 1 damage.
Metal weapons deal +1 damage and metal armor/shields adds +1 to AC.


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This pic has nothing to do with wild talents but it's dope.
When you create your character, roll a d20. If the result is equal to or under your Intelligence score, you are considered a wilder and have a wild psionic talent. Refer to the table below for what you rolled and what your wild talent is. You can use your a number of times per day equal to your character level. Should your Intelligence score increase, and also whenever you hit levels 5 and 9, you can test again for a wild psionic talent if you did not already have one.

  1. Dowser. You know the direction towards drinkable water within your Hex/City.
  2. Echo Far and Wide. You can hear and understand every word said within 100' of your location for 1 round.
  3. Compass Mind. You know which way is north for 1 round.
  4. Telekinesis. You can manipulate a non-held object whose weight is equal to your Intelligence score within 30' of you. The manipulation must be something simple, and you can only perform a single manipulation.
  5. Mind Reader. You read the surface thoughts of a single creature. If you do this 3 times in a row, you learn 1 of its secrets.
  6. Thought Projection. You project either a thought, image, emotion, or memory into a creature's mind that you can see.
  7. Pusher. You send something flying back 30' upon making a successful attack roll against it.
  8. Blank Mind. A creature you are talking too forgets the last hour of their life.
  9. Calm Mind. A creature you are talking too ceases hostility towards you.
  10. Blind Eye. A creature that you can see can no longer see you in their vision for 1 turn. However, they are aware that something is there.
  11. Levitation. You levitate up to 10' off the ground for 1 round.
  12. Skill Eater. A creature you can see has one of their skills reduced to 0-in-6 chance for one round. For that round, that same skill for you is increased by the amount they lost.
  13. Mind Over Fatality. You remove any damage you suffered during the previous round.
  14. Diviner. Roll 1d20. You can replace a character or creature's roll during the next round with that 1d20.
  15. Memory Slurp. You gain 8 hours of memories from a character, corpse, or creature that you are touching. They fade at the end of the next round.
  16. Objection Projection. A creature you are staring at sees an object close to them or in their hand until the end of their next round.
  17. Voice Lie. Any creature that hears you speaking hears a different voice instead.
  18. White Noise. Until the end of the next round, no wild talents or psionics can be use within 100' of you.


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Psionics is a skill. You start with a 1-in-6 in this skill. You can use a number of Psionic Powers per day equal to your skill + your character levels. Beyond this, you can use additional powers, though you must succeed on a skill check to do so. Every success to do this reduces the skill by -2 (minimum 0) until you spend 8 hours in meditation. Doing so raises the skill back to its original level.

For every level you gain, roll your Psionics skill. On a success, add +1 to it. On a failure, keep it the same. 

When you gain your Psionics skill, roll 1d6. This will determine which Way--or style of powers--that you are a disciple of. Every two levels, roll a d20. If you roll equal to or under your Intelligence score, you learn an additional way.

The Ways
  1. Clairsentience, the power to slip into the noosphere and draw on all human knowledge.
  2. Psychokinesis, the power to manipulate atoms and kinetic energy.
  3. Psychometabolism, the power to change the physical form in accordance to the mind.
  4. Psychoportation, the power to manipulate the firmament of space & time.
  5. Telepathy, the power to interface directly with the minds of others.
  6. Metapsionics,  the power to manipulate cause & effect to amplify or diminish events.
Once you have your Way, roll a number of d12 equal to your character's level. You know those Powers in your way, referencing the charts below.

When you level up, you learn an additional Power. You can learn other powers from Masters of the Way if you spend 1 month of time meditating with them. After that month, roll 1d20. If the number is under your Intelligence score, you learn that Power. 

Powers with an * last psionic level/rounds. You can only maintain one power that lasts longer than 1 round. Using another instantly ends the previous.

  1. Aura Sight. You see the aura of all creatures within 100' of you. These auras tell you when they lie, if they are hurt, and what emotion they are feeling.*
  2. Clairaudience. You hear everything happening in a 30' sphere. You can place this sphere to a location you can see within 300'.*
  3. Clairvoyance. You share your sight with another creature within 300'. You can move the creature's head, and it will have no clue that someone else is moving its body. *
  4. Object Reader. You learn all events concerning an object you are touching within the last 24 hours. This information is downloaded into your brain over the course of 1 round.
  5. Psychic Impressions. You learn of any major events that have happened within 10' of you within the last psionic skill/years. You can move as doing this, and therefore learn a greater range of events. This information is downloaded into your brain over the course of 1 round.
  6. Precognition. You know what dangers are to come. All damage you suffer during the next round is reduced by your psionic skill. You also add your psionic skill to any saves you would make during the next round.
  7. Future Stalker. You know the location of a creature you have seen within the last psionic skill /days.
  8. Anchored Mind. You anchor yourself mentally to the current location. You know the fastest path to return back to this location for the next psionic skill/days.
  9. Perfected Senses. You become hyper aware of everything around you. You have blindsense within 30' of you.*
  10. Timeline Merger. You superimpose a creature's future self over your present actions. You gain the attack bonuses and skills of a creature you can see.*
  11. Bring the Future to Now. You see a future where your enemy or target is destroyed. They must save vs Magic or suffer a number of d6 in damage equal to your Psionics Skill.
  12. Enlightenment Sharing. You share your time-grazing senses with another creature. For every Clairsentience Power you know, the creature is paralyzed for 1 turn. At the end of those turns, it gains a +1 to all rolls for 24 hours.

  1. Agitation Detonation. An object or creature you see within 30' has its atoms enraged by your gaze. It explodes if it fails a save vs Magic, it suffers Xd6 where X is your Psionics Skill.
  2. Sum of its Parts. You weld together a number of objects equal to your Psionics Skill. This frankenstein object is considered to be in Perfect Condition. If it's armor, it has an AC bonus of 1 + your Psionics Skill. If it's a weapon, you add your Psionics Skill to damage rolls with it.
  3. Disintegrate. With a thought, you obliterate the molecular bonds of a creature or object. If a creature, it must save vs Magic. On a failure, and if its HD is equal to or lower than your Psionics Skill, it is reduced to dust. Objects get so such save, but cannot be any bigger than something you could hold in your hands.
  4. Atomic Reconstruction. You rearrange the atomic structure of a material. You can change psionic skill/pounds into another material. The material must be liquid if it starts as a liquid, solid if it starts as a solid, etc.*
  5. Force of Will. You push or pull something with the full force of your mental thought. Whatever you push/pull cannot weigh more than your x20 your Intelligence score, and can be pushed up to 200' away. If lifted straight into the air, gravity intervenes, reducing the distance to 50'.
  6. True Telekinesis. You can finely handle an object or a willing creature that you can see within 300'. If lifting, pulling, or dragging an object, assume you are doing so with a Strength score of 18.
  7. Inertia Bubble. You create a 20' radius bubble around you. Anything that enters the bubble loses all momentum and has their movement reduced down to 1/5 that of a man. Lasts for psionic skill/rounds.
  8. Object Life. An object that you can see is given life. It is treated as a creature with psionic skill/HD. It obeys any orders you give it, and has x2 the speed of a man.*
  9. Degrade Atoms. A handheld object that you can see instantly degrades 2 condition tiers. 
  10. Soften/Harden. Psionic skill/pounds of material you can see either becomes as soft as mud or as hard as metal. If armor is softened this way, it loses all benefits and actively sloughs off of the wearer.*
  11. Psychokinetic Choke. A creature within 30' of you must save vs Magic. On a failure, it begins to suffocate, is lifted 10' off the ground, and takes 1d6 damage.*
  12. Thermonuclear Thoughts. You rapidly heat up and irradiate an object that you are staring at within 30'. If it is flammable, it instantly burns into flames. If it melts, roll your Psionics Skill every round that this Power is active, melting the material on a success.*

  1. Animal Morph. Choose an animal, such as a scorpion, dart frog, falcon, tiger, etc. When you use this power, you gain one of that animal's features. This can be its HD, its attack pattern/damage, its movement, a special feature of it, or something else.*
  2. Cellular Recreation. You recreate lost cells within your body. Using this, you either heal psionic skill/HD in hit points, or you can reattach limbs.
  3. Age Meld. A creature you can see either ages forwards or backwards psionic skill/years. In turn, you age the opposite way.
  4. Creature Morph. Choose a non-animal creature, such as a dragon, succubus, etc. This creature cannot have greather HD than your Psionics Skill. When you use this power, you gain one of that creature's features, as per Animal Morph.
  5. Disease Eater. Your thoughts overwhelm any pathogens inside of your body, destroying them If the pathogens caused physical effects, they end in 1d4 hours.
  6. Adrenaline Explosion. You force your adrenaline to surge beyond its normal limits. Your STR/DEX/CON modifiers increase by your Psionics Skill. When this power ends, you cannot move for 1d12 turns.*
  7. Biofeedback. You know what diseases, poisons, wounds, or other biological problems a creature that you can see is suffering from.
  8. Homeostasis. Your body reaches perfect equilibrium with itself. All damage suffered is reduced to 1, and you are immune to poisons or environmental changes.*
  9. Form Adjustment. Psionic skill/limbs adjust by up to 10'.
  10. Weaponize Self. You hands, arms, or legs become any type of melee weapon you can imagine. This weapon is considered to be a metal weapon.*
  11. Metabolise Anything. You activate this power when eating or drinking a non-food/water substance. No matter what the material is, as long as you can chew and swallow it, it is treated as a unit of food or water.
  12. Suspend Animation. For Psionic skill/years, you suspend all biological functions. You do not need to eat, drink, are immune to environmental pressures, appear to be made out of stone, and all damage suffered is reduced by half. You can end this effect at any time.

  1. Be Gone. You mentally shift a creature from one space to another if it fails a save vs Magic. This can be any general Hex/City/Location that you can think of that you have already visited.
  2. Nomad's Step. Instead of physically moving from one location to another, you instead teleport to it as long as you can see it. You can teleport an additional 10' per Psionics Skill point.
  3. Snapback. You jump back to a place and time that you've visited within the last 24 hours. You can bring psionics skill/characters with you when you do this. When going back in time, disease, poisons, and curses are removed, but lost HP is not regained.
  4. Dream Walker. You enter into a creature's mind that you have met before. If the creature is not sleeping, this power has no effect. If it is sleeping, you exist temporarily in its dreams, which is a strange dungeon created by the Referee that consists of the creatures manifested memories, thoughts, etc. You can bring psionic skill/characters with you. Damage suffered in the dream is suffered in real life as well. If the creature wakes up, all dream walkers are cast from its mind and suffer 1d12 damage. It becomes clear within 5 minutes when a creature begins to wake.
  5. Future Walker. You disappear and reappear in psionic skill/rounds. While in this state, you see all things that are happening around you for those number of rounds. You can reappear at any point after having done this.
  6. Teleport Trigger. You may use this power after you suffer damage or fail a save. You teleport to a location of your choice within 30'.
  7. Time/Space Anchor. A creature you can see within 30' must save vs Magic. On a failure, it must repeat its exact turn for psionic skill/rounds. If that turn involves movement, it teleports back to its original spot and makes that movement again. If it attacks or otherwise performs an ability on another creature, it does so again, even if that creature is not there.
  8. Materia Glide. You can move through solid objects as if they were gas.*
  9. Ethereal Traveler. While meditating, you appear in a location you have visited before. To all creatures who see you, you appear as if you are actually there--however, you leave no footprints, and can interact with neither creature nor object.*
  10. Rearrange Field. You teleport psionic skill/creatures around you to a completely different square.
  11. Wormhole. You create a wormhole that connects your location to another location that you have visited before OR that you can see. Any creature can enter into this wormhole, regardless of its size.*
  12. Multiple Places. You step into another place that you can see within 10'. You jump back between these places constantly, allowing you to exist in two places at one time. While you don't gain two actions from this, both versions of you can move independently.*

  1. Dominate Thoughts. A creature within 30' of you must save vs Magic. On a failure, you rewrite its thoughts and program it do a single action of your choice. Something like "Kill yourself" would actually only be "Attack yourself."
  2. Idea Scramble. A creature you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, its thoughts are scrambled and it has a 1-in-6 chance of being able to do anything during the next round.
  3. Destiny Bond. You mentally link your body with that of another creature. When one of you lose hit points, the other does. This applies to all effects. If one of you dies, the other must save vs Death or die instantly as well.*
  4. MemBlank. A creature you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, you wipe out a creature's memories for the last psionic skill/decades. They return after the creature has had 8 hours of rest.
  5. Mindlink. You and another creature have complete and unfettered access to each other's minds.*
  6. ESP Probe. You dive deep into a creature's memories. It must save vs Magic. You learn psionic skill/secrets that it has, as well as its greatest sin, greatest moment of pride, and any thoughts it currently has.
  7. Persona Switch. You swap minds with another creature. While swapped, you are control what that creature does, and it controls what you do, but it cannot use any of your Psionic Powers unless it had levels as a Disciple. If you die while swapped, you return to your original body and must make a Psionics Skill roll after 24 hours to keep the trapped personality dormant.*
  8. Plant Aversion. A creature that you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, it is made averse to a location, creature, or object of your choice. It will not look at, approach, or otherwise interact with whatever it is now averse too.*
  9. Awe/Despair. Creatures that can see you feel either overwhelming awe or despair towards you. You decide which. While under these emotions, they must succeed on a 3-in-6 roll to act in hostility towards you.*
  10. Imagined Frailty. A creature that you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, it believes that the next blow it suffers will kill it. If damaged before the end of the next round, it believes itself dead, and will fall to the ground unmoving for psionics skill/rounds before realizing it is not, in fact, dead.
  11. Falses Inputs. A creature that you can see has one of its senses give it false input. For example, you can make it see something that isn't there, or hear something that doesn't exist.
  12. Remember Death. A creature that you can see remembers a death it has suffered in a past life. The creature must then save vs Magic suffer psionic skill/subtracted from all rolls it makes, as flashbacks fill its mind.*

  1. Appraise Chance. When you attempt something that requires an X-in-6 chance, you increase that chance by your Psionics Skill before rolling.
  2. Probability Clone. A clone steps out of your body. It is identical to you in every way. While the clone is manifest, neither of you can use Psionic Powers. The clone replaces the probability of all of its rolls with a Psionics Skill roll.*
  3. Create Pathways. A creature you are talking too rolls a d20 under their Intelligence score. On a success, they gain a wild talent and gain a 1-in-6 Psionics Skill. Unlike other powers, you can only use this power psionics skill/per level.
  4. Split Personality. You create a second personality. While this second personality exists, you can roll twice on skill checks and take either result, and use two Psionic Powers per round.*
  5. Probability Cannibalization. All skills except for your Psionics skill are reduced to 0-in-6 chance for 1d4 hours. You regain a number of Psionic Power uses equal to your Psionics Skill.
  6. Fate Twist. When a creature you can see attempts something with an X-in-6 chance, you reduce or increase the chance by your Psionics Skill.
  7. Reverse Wound. After using this power, if you are attacked before the end of the next round, the creature loses its attack and you instead make one.
  8. Push Death. A creature who dies instead dies at the end of the next round. You can use this Psionic Power to continue pushing back its death.
  9. Imbue Psionics. A creature you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, you program it with one Psionic Power that you know and create a 6 word or more trigger for that power. The creature uses that power when the trigger is met.
  10. Close Pathways. A creature or character that has Psionic Powers or wild psionic talents that you can see must save vs Magic. On a failure, it loses all psionic ability.*
  11. Probability Convergence. Within 30' of you, any skill check made by any creature or character has a 3-in-6 chance of success, all attack rolls are treated as a 10+modifier, all saves are 10 or lower, and all damage is the 4+modifier.*
  12. Failure to Success. Everytime you miss an attack, fail a save, or fail a skill check, the next time you make that roll, it succeeds.* 


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Not Brom.
Disciples, otherwise known as Disciples of the Way, are those with psionic ability who have honed their craft over countless years. City-States value Disciples as noble teachers and protectors of Sorcerer-Kings. In the wilds of Athas, Disciples meditate in isolation and grow their powers to new levels. As a Disciple, you have either been directly taught by a master, or have created your own series of techniques.

HD: As Magic-User.
Saves: As Magic-User.
Attack Bonuses: As Magic-User.
Level Up: As Magic-User
  • The Disciple can choose to either be in Attack Mode or Defense Mode. The Disciple decides which mode they are in at the beginning of their turn.
  • If in Attack Mode, the Disciple rolls their Psionic Skill. On a success, they do 1d8 damage to a creature they can see within 100'. That creature has no idea it was attacked by the Disciple.
  • If in Defense Mode, the Disciple is immune to Attack Mode attacks, and adds their Psionics Skill to any saves forced by Psionic powers.
  • At 9th level, you are considered a Master of the Way. Any creature or character with at least a 1-in-6 Psionics Skill will know you for your power. You gain 1d4 level 3 Disciple Followers. Every week, roll 1d20. On a 15 or higher, you gain an additional 1d4 followers of the above kind. Additionally, you can now teach creatures with at least a 1-in-6 Psionics Skill a Psionic Power as their master, using the rules found in the above section.
  • Also at 9th level, you also create an Intellect Fortress. It is castle or stronghold with a design of your choice. No Psionic Powers can be used while inside your Intellect Fortress unless you allow the Disciple to do so. 

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