Environs as Stat Blocks

When you enter into a new environ, use one of the following stat blocks. GMs can make turns as they want, and the environ always goes first or last. The GM can always elect to not take a turn, or can roll a d20. On a 10 or lower, the GM does not take a turn.

The Abyss are the countless caves that dot the Heavens Bless'd & Burned. Be them in the sides of opal mountains, underneath pyre cities, or dotting the desert wastes, they all lead down, into some blackness--a blackness aware of all that stare into it.

HD  1d12 SPEED N/A
ARMOR As full plate + shield
  • Cave In: This represents the Abyss suddenly collapsing. Save vs Breath Weapon. Failure indicates 2d20 damage and grappled, and a save is d12. 
  • Possess: This represents the fear that possesses those who traverse places of utter darkness. Save vs Magic or be possessed by complete fear. Can only use your action to run, and if you encounter anything, you must attack it and keep running. Other creatures have a 3-in-6 chance of shaking you out of your fear.
  • Snuff Out: This represents all lights suddenly going out in the depths of caves. Save vs Magic or all candles, lamps, and other light sources go out. Infra or darkvision stops working.
  • Trip: This is the possibility of tripping and falling inside the cave proper. Save vs Breath weapon or fall to the ground and drop anything you are holding.
  • These hit points represent exploring the Abyss. Every hit point is 1 hour of exploration. At 0 hit points, the cave terminates in a dragon's lair, an underground aqueduct, a pyre city, or a way back into the ashpits. 
  • A successful Bushcraft roll will allow all saves vs the Abyss to be rolled a second time, take the higher number.
  • For every hit point deducted, there is a 3-in-6 chance of a random encounter.
  • The Abyss's AC represents destroying cave walls to escape by going straight up. Damage can increase the Abyss's hit points if it is instead going to the side or going straight down.

It rains acid and ash, never just water. Vast fields of grey. Burned, crumbling ruins--stones with soot-silhouettes of heretics and forgotten lovers. Dunes hundreds of feet tall. Pieces of churches, palaces, ziggurats, cemeteries, homes, all buried under them. Vast, black ashstorms angrily race across the horizon, filled with Draconic Radiance (once dragon sickness, now renamed). Flashes of lightning and peals of thunder prelude them, follow them. This is the speech of  dragons who set storms loose upon us. Long trains of burning ghosts travel with pilgrims seeking lost holy symbols and behind them the Gatherers, following their lead.

HD d100 SPEED n/a
ARMOR Lowest possible
  • Radiance Rain: This represents a radiance-infused rainstorms. A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking will find shelter. If no shelter is found, Save vs Breath Weapon every minute for 1d100 minutes or increase your Radiance score by 2 points.
  • Ashstorm: This represents a massive sandstorm of ash bearing down on the players. A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking will find shelter. If no shelter is found, Save vs Breath Weapon every minute for 10d100 minutes or suffer d12 damage. Ranged weapons do not work in an ashstorm.
  • Draconic Smite: This represents a distant dragon attacking something from dozens, if not hundreds of miles away. Save vs Magic or be struck by a lightning bolt, fireball, or breath weapon, suffering 1d20 damage.
  • Ifrit & Pilgrim Train: This represents Old Opal Wraiths, pilgrims, and ifriti trains traveling from one pyre city to another. If they see you, Save vs Magic or combust into flames for 2d10 damage. If this kills you, become an Old Opal Wraith and join the train.
  • Radiant Aurora: This represents an aurora of Radiance appearing in the sky. Last for d4 Ashpit hitpoints. Save vs Poison for every Ashpit hitpoint lost or increase draconic radiance by 2. 
  • These hitpoints represent miles of travel. At 0 hit points, reach another environ, or a different stretch of Ashpit.
  • The ashpit is immune to damage from any source.
  • A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking allows for a reroll on any saves made.
  • For every 50 hitpoints the Ashpit loses, the players must Save vs Poison or gain 1 point of Radiance.
  • For every 10 hitpoints the ashpit loses, there is a 4-in-6 chance for a random encounter.
  • For every 10 hitpoints the ashpit loses, there is a 1-in-6 chance of seeing a radiance river.

Ash-slush. Blood everywhere, sometimes brown, sometimes black, sometimes crimson. Deep enough to drown in at points, rarely dry land. Trees and vines and grasses are the tombstones of dragons and wives. All is red save the wood, which is slate grey. Odd sounds; things get distorted inside of the Blood Bog; howling, hisses, sounds of great animals fucking, screams as phantom people are eaten. Dragon bones tilt, ancient monoliths, broken and chipped, for when a dragon of poison dies this is what is born. Anywhere from 6-36 miles in size, only multiples of six. Travelers always watched by 1d6 kobolds.

HD 6d6 SPEED n/a
ARMOR As studded leather
  • Black Lotus Grove: This represents a grove of black lotus. Save vs Poison or hallucinate dragons fucking women and old men all around you for 1d10 minutes before falling asleep for another 1d100 minutes. A successful Bushcraft roll allows you to harvest these 1d6 doses of poison with the above effects.
  • Bloody Quicksane: This represents a hidden pit of quicksand made wet by draconic blood. A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking will reveal it. If not revealed, Save vs Poison or sink 1d6 feet and be grappled. There is a 3-in-6 chance of being pulled out that decreases every round. At 0, take 2d20 damage from suffocation every turn and increase your draconic radiance by 2.
  • Kobold Bone Trap: This represents a kobold bone trap lying in wait. A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking will reveal it. If not revealed, Save vs Poison or fall into a 4 foot deep pit filled with spikes, taking 2d8 damage and 1d4 damage from poison for 1d4 minutes.
  • These hitpoints represent how many miles there are in the blood bog to be traveled.
  • Blood bogs are immune to all forms of damage except that from dragon breath. Dragon breath damage reduces the blood bog's size immediately by destroying it.
  • A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking allows for a reroll on any saves made.
  • Blood bog blood can be consumed as if water. For every gallon, increase draconic radiance by 1.
  • A successful Bushcraft roll will find a blood bog herb.
  • For every 6 hit points lost, 5-in-6 chance to roll a random encounter.

Radiance has murdered every forest in the Heaven Bless'd & Burned. Bark is now stone or bone, branches are spikes from which hang the dead or their wraiths. Roots dig in deep to the world, and in their gloom is radiance, where it grows like fungus in the underground. Dead leaves cover the ash. The leaves have the same texture as skin, are veined, and when eaten they taste like dragon flesh.

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HD 100d100 SPEED n/a
ARMOR As unarmored
  • Branch Lance: This represents the angry, possessed branches of the murdered trees. +7 to hit for d8 damage. If killed, soul is pulled out, set aflame, and hangs from the branch that impaled you.
  • Root Grab: This represents the roots rising up and pull you into the radiance-fungus graves underground. Save vs Poison or be pulled d20 feet underground and increase your draconic radiance by 5.
  • Murdered Forest hit points represent how many trees are left in the forest. Damage dealt destroys only 1 tree, regardless of how much damage is dealt, unless it would effect multiple targets at once.
  • A successful Bushcraft roll or clever thinking allows for a reroll on any saves made.
  • When entering the Murdered Forest, there is a 1-in-6 chance for a random encounter.

Graves of the Old Opal Kings. Hundreds of cities, burned down. Half-buried in ash pits. Sobbing echoes off the stone and lures one in further. Grain stored, weapons hidden, artefacts locked up and the keys melted to slag. Tall towers knocked down. Palaces with rooftops caved in. Stairs that lead nowhere. Throne rooms filled with opal and bones. Dark places underground, half-filled with blood, half-filled with bleeding things. Signs of life--footprints, hymns, laughter, festival sounds, but no one to make them. Soot-silhouettes on virtually every wall, and some have so many that the wall is jet black and eats light.

HD 4d20 SPEED n/a
ARMOR As full plate + shield
  • Collapse: This represents a building or part of the ruin collapsing. Save vs Breath Weapon or take 2d20 damage from being crushed.
  • Ember Haunted: This represents a building that is haunted by old opal wraiths. Save vs Magic when entering or take 1d8 damage and have all objects worn combust into flames. If killed, soul joins the haunting spirits.
  • Soot Soul Sacrifice: This represents walls covered entirely in soot. Touching one prompts a Save vs Breath Weapon, or be restrained against the wall by vantablack hands. In 1d4 rounds, an old opal wraith appears to sacrifice you via ripping the heart out with an obsidian knife. 3-in-6 chance to break free every round before then.
  • Trapped Ruin: This represents a trap set, either in times of antiquity or more recently. See the traps section.
  • Pyre City hitpoints represent how many unexplored buildings there are in the pyre city.
  • Lighting a bonfire will summon forth an old opal wraith that will answer d4 questions. There is a 1-in-6 question that an ifrit is summoned instead, who will promptly fuck your shit up.
  • For every 10 buildings entered, there is a 4-in-6 chance of a random encounter.
  • When a pyre city is entered, there is a 1-in-6 chance that it is a dragon's lair.

Jagged mountains. Broken peaks litter slopes like shards of glass. Black grass, black snow, grey ash--all three blanket everything. Stone is all solid opal. Dirt is irradiated soil from which the black grass grows. Deep, yawning caves. Rivers of stark white water. Thunder of dragons booms throughout the valleys. Thousands of miles of opal mountain, which soon becomes normal mountain, where the Draconic Radiance is weak and trees, grass, and snow leopards live normal lives. Sudden avalanches of bone and angry drake. Temples, forgotten, built into cliffsides. Some hidden away, filled with monk-bones, where long scrolls of copper hold the secrets of reincarnation. 

HD n/a SPEED n/a
ARMOR As +3 magical plate and +3 magical shield
  • Ash Avalanche: This represents an avalanche of ash and soot being triggered. See avalanche.
  • Dying Mountain Mirage: This represents the dying dreams that these mountains have. Save vs Magic or see a strange mirage off in the distance. Walk to the mirage, ignoring all other events. The mirage is always further away. Allies have a 4-in-6 chance of pulling you from the mirage's hold every round.
  • Shattered Crowns are immune to all forms of damage.
  • Dying on the shattered crowns has the mountain consume the corpse, freezing it in opal just beneath the surface.
  • Every 12 hours that pass, there is a 1-in-6 chance for a random encounter.
  • Every day that passes, there is a 3-in-6 chance for a draconic encounter.

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