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Commandment - Prelude Age

Talked to Skerples and he seemed to be supportive of me riffing off his idea, so here we go. Check out his two current blog posts to get caught up. Basically, Dark Souls meets our Ancient History.

So, to start--

AN AGE TOO LONG Ozymandias chained the sphinx. With a spear in one hand, he tortured it until his answer was given. The Sea Peoples would burn them all. Pyramids would topple. The powers of the East would burn just as the powers of the West had. The age was at an end.
Ozymandias did not care. He told his brother to go and find another answer. He did. A clay tablet on which Laws had been written and signed with the blood of old heroes and greater gods. Ozymandias, knowing that he was a god himself in blood and in name, polished the face of this tablet and wrote something new.
Ten Commandments did he usher. And then, with his own life, he named Five Kings to enforce them, and each of the Five were given two Commandments, and these Five Kings enforced those two well. Sleep they d…

Radiance Mysticisms are Spirituals Mutations Developed by Overexposure to Radiation Leaking from Dragons

In most RPGs, radiation gives you weird mutations that sometimes double as super powers. I figured I'd go for something similar. These replace traditional magical items in the Heaven Bless'd & Burned for the most part.

In the Heaven Bless'd & Burned, when you have at least 1 point of Draconic Radiance, roll a d20 and add your total Radiance points to it. If you get higher than a 20 then you develop a Radiance Mysticism. The Radiance Mysticism will manifest within 1d4 days. Every time you gain an additional Radiance point and do not have a Radiance Mysticism, make another d20 check. You cannot have more than one of these powers at a time.

If you have 0 Radiance, you cannot use your Radiance Mysticism. Likewise, if you display one of these powers inside the City of the Dragon Wives, you will be executed without trial. It is believed these are the powers of Tiamat, and thus are sickening in all ways. Wearing a piece of feathercraft from the City prevents a success to …

Inside Pyre Cities, Old Opal Kings and Old Opal Wraiths Possess Pilgrims Shepherded by Wish-Granting Ifirit

Before Heaven was burned, every lodge-city was ruled by an Opal King. They were named for their armor and weapons, which were gifts given to them by Huitzallah's wife to prove their sovereignty.
When armageddon came, those that survived the initial wave of destruction threw themselves into fires to become immortal. These profane flames scorched black their cities and incinerated their people. Now they are all but wraiths of opal flame that haunt Pyre Cities.
When a Gatherer lights a bonfire and summons these wraiths, there is a 1-in-6 chance of summoning an Old Opal King and a 2-in-6 chance of summoning an Old Opal Wraith. They are hostile on sight, and will seek to kill the Gatherer, immolate their corpse, and chain their soul to the Pyre City as a Soot Shadow to forever serve them in their ineffectual war against dragon-kind.
If neither a King nor Wratih is summoned, a ghost is summoned instead, and it will answer 1d4 questions about the Pyre City before disappearing.
Corpses ar…

The Irradiated Wander the Heaven Bless'd & Burned and Lust for Reincarnation and the Trappings of Human Flesh

Gods, how they suffer. Radiance has claimed their lives. Cancers have swollen in their bodies and distended their limbs and they have died amongst the dunes. Their skin, stained by Radiant Auroras, glows green. The lume flows from their eyes as tears. They are sobbing. They are Irradiated Souls, and they want to reincarnate, but Tiamat's light has claimed them and they never will.

When a human dies from Radiance Poisoning, they have a 1-in-6 chance of raising a day later as an Irradiated Soul. They shamble across the dunes in search of death, but the Radiance keeps them alive and soon they forget everything but their lust. The sight of flesh enrages them. It is a reminder of the potential they once had and the purpose they were to fulfill. Burned Widows take care of them as a mother does children.

IRRADIATED SOUL HD: 1 AC: None SPEED: x1/2 that of man
Irradiated Touch: -1 to hit for 2d6 damage. Gain +1 point of radiation per 6 points of damage.S…

The Hanging Gardens of the City of the Dragon Wives

These were Forest Graves in a previous post, but came up with a way better name.

The Hanging Gardens are pocket dimensions created by Huitzillah when the dragons descended to heaven. He took biomes from across the world and put them into his city. They are deceptively large; from the outside, they appear as gardens the size of city blocks closed off by strange and stylized gates. On the inside, a Hanging Garden is far larger than even the Heaven Bless'd & Burned itself.

Monthly, groups are chosen to enter into one of the six Hanging Gardens. There, they will hunt for a full month's time. These places are filled with countless beasts and monsters, and they reincarnate upon dying. Thus, they provide large amounts of meat, skins, and other goods for which to keep the city alive. If a human dies inside of the garden, they too are reincarnated into a beast or monster within it.

Prospective Gatherers and neophyte Dragon Wives are thrown into a Hanging Garden early in their career…

Names in the City of the Dragon Wife

Faruasi names have two styles you can lean towards.

First, names that are not translated. See the table below for these names. To create your own, take a Nahuatl name of your choice and a Persian name of your choice and find a way to frankenstein them together. The result will be something that roughly captures what I'm trying to capture myself.

Faruasi Names Odd are female, even are male. For a unisex name make one half odd and the other even. d20 suffix prefix 1 Ama- -ehua 2 Chica- -bbas 3 Cita- -ske 4 Rami- -uhtli 5

Weapons in the City of the Dragon Wives

There are traditional weapons to be found, and some things to be replaced.

First, reskinnings.

(each bolded weapon has a link to a description of it or relevant wiki article)
Longswords are now macahuitls. Daggers are now tecpatl.Crossbows are now atlatl dart throwers.Short swords are now kopesh.Axes of all types are different sizes/types of tabarzin.Maces are gurz. These changes are stylistically meant to reflect the Persian-Aztec cultural influences on the City of the Dragon Wives.
Now for the fun stuff.

DRAGONSLAYING ARMAMENTS Lepers create unique weapons for the Dragon Wives to use on hunts. These weapons are all overly massive, bathed in dragon blood, and touched by Half-Sun Sintotec to make them sacred. Because of these rituals, these weapons are specialized--holy in the destruction of dragons. They are neither used on drakes nor kobolds nor any other lesser creature, men included. This doesn't mean they couldn't slaughter any of these creatures, but it is a matter of rel…