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Demi-Dragons are the Results of Radiation-Baptized DNA

The atmosphere not only sent the invading dragons into a rage, it burned their DNA and made their radiance into a self-targeting poison. Unable to control themselves, dragons committed incest, used their breath weapons on their eggs, and rotted from the inside out. From these twisted wyrms come demi-dragons--or drakes, as they are more commonly known.

When a dragon lays a clutch of eggs, there is a 90% chance that each egg will hatch into some form of demi-dragon. The parent wyrm will usually devour or destroy most of these drakes, but with so many clutches being laid, it is no wonder why the Heavens Bless'd & Burned are so overrun.

Gatherers are trained in the art of hunting and killing demi-dragons. These creatures can be butchered and prepared in such a way as to baptize them of their radiance, making them edible. Drakes can be farmed and their eggs harvested, and they are used as popular sport for city-hunts inside the City of the Dragon Wives, where they are bred weaker a…

Random Encounters + Bestiary Table

The bestiary table for the Heavens Bless'd & Burned.

Monster NameShort DescriptionBevar AspA deformed child of dragons, 40 feet long, a giant anaconda whose bites inspire lust, fear, or envy.

Bless'd Blood WormsIrradiated worms that feast on dragon's blood and can infect men.

Bless'd KomodoMassive drakes whose bites ensure certain death if not treated within 10 days. They stalk their prey after biting.

Burned WidowDragon Wives who have been corrupted by radiation and grief.

CipactliA massive reptilian creature with fanged mouths for joints.

ConsortA soul reincarnated by Tiamat to serve her needs.

DirewolfIrradiated wolves that are hyper intelligent and hyper aggressive.

DragonWinged aliens that hatched from the moon and irradiated the world.

Ghul DrakeA smaller drake that pretends to be dead in order to ambush prey.

Hyena KaA hyena given human form by Tiamat and sent to the City to sabotage it.

Hyena, SpottedIrradiated hyenas that have the …

Dragon Wife City Culture pt. 1: Art

The City of the Dragon Wives boasts a culture that is a frankenstein-meld of hundreds of different pre-armageddon traditions. Wedded to it are the blossomed ideals and values of a world stuck in an unending apocalypse. When survival is the only thing that matters, the human mind changes, compartmentalizes, and exaggerates. Despite this, it finds a way all the same.

There are four cultural pillars for these people. They are, in order described:

ART, their method of communication, recording history, and catharsis.HUNTING, the foundation of both their religion, their method of survival, and more catharsis.LABOR, farming the floating gardens, maintaining the hunt-blocks, and filtering the lake.WORSHIP, for there is no medicine as strong as religion to make the terrible bearable. These four pillars are one of the only reasons the city-state has not descended into absolute anarchy, and serve as the big targets for the Hyena Ka conspiracies. Below, each pillar is given a number of points to h…

Environs as Stat Blocks

When you enter into a new environ, use one of the following stat blocks. GMs can make turns as they want, and the environ always goes first or last. The GM can always elect to not take a turn, or can roll a d20. On a 10 or lower, the GM does not take a turn.

THE ABYSS The Abyss are the countless caves that dot the Heavens Bless'd & Burned. Be them in the sides of opal mountains, underneath pyre cities, or dotting the desert wastes, they all lead down, into some blackness--a blackness aware of all that stare into it.
HD  1d12 SPEED N/A ARMOR As full plate + shield MORALE N/A ATTACK Cave In: This represents the Abyss suddenly collapsing. Save vs Breath Weapon. Failure indicates 2d20 damage and grappled, and a save is d12. Possess: This represents the fear that possesses those who traverse places of utter darkness. Save vs Magic or be possessed by complete fear. Can only use your action to run, and if you encounter anything, you must attack it and keep running. Other creatures have a …

Draconic Radiance is Cancer-Prophecy-Power Inducing Light Produced by Dragon Breath

Dragons brought with them a poisonous lume that has irradiated the world. It bleeds from their wounds and burns alongside their breath and flies beneath the shadow of their wings. It is what turned the Hunter's Heaven into the Heavens Bless'd & Burned and how the Goddess of Birth became the Goddess of Armageddon.

Take the sum total of all your attribute modifiers. If you have negatives, treat them as 0. Add this number to your total number of hit dice. This is your Radiance Threshold. Should you ever suffer more radiance then what your threshold allows, you roll on the Death by Radiance Table. Roll again for every 2 points beyond that. Despite its name, it is not pure death, but in many ways it might as well be--for you, an ally, or even a dream.

You recieve and lose points of Draconic Radiance through the following methods:

You gain 1 point for each week you spend outside of the City of the Dragon Wives.You gain 1 point after combat with a dragon.You gain 5 points when dri…

Sorcery in 5E

I like the idea of each spellcaster having their own unique method of spellcasting. Though this adds complexity to 5E, I think for players looking for some more narrative-defining crunch, the complexity can be worth it. Lots of people want just the standard 5E mechanics, which is 100% understandable, but I'm all about wanting to do things different.

So, the Sorcerer is my least favorite spellcaster. I like half of its theme (person with strange ways of manipulating spells through will) but what I don't love is how it ends up playing like a wizard that just trades in spell options for small hi jinks.

This is what I want Sorcery mechanics to represent:

Spontaneous spell effects.Strange manipulations of standard spells.Highly thematic, exotic, or aesthetic effects added to spells.Spell production should feel both wild west yet controlled--like a ronin spellcaster basically. I also want Sorcerers to represent strange beliefs. They are, to me, a synthesis of culture and spell, and t…